Public housing is limited to low-income families and individuals. If you are interested in public housing within the City of Marion, you should apply at our office. You will be given a pre-application. When you have completed your pre-application, bring it to our office during business hours, mail the application or email to the intake specialist at along with the following information:

      • Verification of all income from whatever source in writing
      • Birth certificates and Social Security cards for all individuals planning to live in the unit
      • If married or divorced, copy of marriage license or Judgment of Dissolution
      • Names and complete addresses of three personal references other than family members
      • Names and complete addresses of current and/or previous landlord(s)
      • If a family member is pregnant, a statement from the physician
      • Verification of any preference(s) to which you believe you are entitled
    1. When the Pre-Application 
    2. is returned to the Housing Authority office, we will check it to see that all information required is attached, and a formal application will then be completed. All information will be verified by contacting employers, prior landlords, references, utility companies, and social service agencies. In addition, we will run a criminal check and a credit check on all adult household members.

When the application verification process is successfully completed (which can take several weeks), your household income will be compared to the income limits for your household size. At that time a determination of preliminary eligibility will be made and you will be notified by mail. If you qualify, you will then be placed on a waiting list for an appropriate size unit. The date the formal application is completed is considered the application date for waiting list purposes. It is very important that we have your current address and, if possible, a telephone number where you may be contacted so that when we are ready to offer you a unit we are able to reach you. When your family is near the top of the waiting list, all pertinent information will once again be verified to determine whether or not your family is still eligible for low-income public housing.

Before you move into a unit, you will be expected to sign a lease. Be sure to read it carefully. You are expected to comply with all parts of the lease, including the House Rules. Failure to do so may result in eviction.

Our Admissions & Continued Occupancy Policy, Schedule of Utility Allowances, House Rules, Dwelling Lease, list of developments, income limits for admission, Grievance Policy, Schedule of Flat Rents, together with other pertinent information and notices are posted at the Housing Authority office.

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